Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Independent Celebrant | Just the two of you - the ultimate Pop Up Wedding

The is no doubt about it, Spring is on its way!
Does your romantic heart long for a wedding with just the two of you, having a picnic on a sunny day and celebrating your love simply and spontaneously?

It may seem an impossible dream...
There are so many obstacles in your way, not in the least the English weather.
But it can be done!
I mastermind the ultimate in spontaneous 'Pop Up' weddings.
Phone me or email me and I will tell you all about this wonderfully romantic option.

Jane Arnold   
Mobile  07706 617 838
Email  jane.arnold@uksoc.com


  1. Heh! How exciting, I hope that you get loads of takers.

    Love Cindy x

    1. Thank you Cindy, I do hope so, I think it's such a romantic idea!
      Love Jane x