Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Independent celebrant: Where would you have your dream Wedding Ceremony?

Photo by Greg James

One of the reasons that many people chose to have a Celebrant is that this gives them the chance to have their ceremony whenever and wherever they wish.

Most couples visit their Registry office mid-week and get the legal part of their Wedding done and then they are free to celebrate in beautiful places that hold a special meaning for them.
There is no need for a special licence, as long as you are not trespassing, you may have your ceremony just about anywhere you can imagine! 
A flowery meadow?

An empty beach?

The wild moors?

There are so many romantic places the adventurous can choose.
Perhaps you love Steam Trains,



Photo by Maria Dragan

Stately Homes?

Or Paris?

The choice is yours... the only limit is your imagination...


  1. Such a brilliant idea, gather a couple of friends or not! a nice bottle of something and a picnic.

    1. I think these are the most romantic of ceremonies!