Thursday, 1 June 2017

Additions to a Wedding Ceremony: Part 1: Ring Warming Ceremony

As a celebrant, I have learnt that there are a number of wonderful additional ceremonies that can become part of a couple's wedding day.
Some are new ideas, others are based on traditions going back to medieval times. These ceremonies are colourful, unusual ways of making the wedding ceremony unique. Many of them involve family and friends, which adds laughter and enjoyment to the day.

I have decided to start by describing the ceremony of ring warming, as I have just picked up a beautiful hand-made cushion and I couldn't resist taking some photographs of it!

A ring warming ceremony is a simple addition to the wedding day. All the guests can take part and it allows everyone to share their feelings of love and goodwill.

During my meetings with the couple I learn about the style of the wedding and the bride and groom's favourite colours. I then commission the perfect hand-made cushion for the ceremony. It's the little touches that count- I love the crystal beads at the edges of this cushion.

One the day, the best man carefully ties the wedding rings onto the cushion and just before the vows are made, I will explain the ring warming ceremony to the guests.
Depending on the number of people and the age of the bridesmaids, I like to let the bridesmaids take charge of this precious cargo. They will hand the cushion to the family member nearest the bride and groom and it will then be passed around everyone. Each person briefly lays their hands on the rings and sends loving thoughts, blessings and good wishes to the couple.

Photo by Greg James

When the cushion is returned, the rings are warmed by the loving hands and thoughts.

Photo by Vicki and Dan

If there are a large number of guests involved, this is a good time for a piece of music to be played and it also gives the professional photographer a lovely chance to take some heart-warming photos.

I'm very fond of this simple, loving ceremony and the beautiful cushion makes a perfect keepsake for the bride afterwards.

If you have any questions about this ceremony, or indeed any aspects of my celebrant work, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help. My details are:

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My thanks to Lavender and Belle Vintage for the cushion.photographs by

Vicki and Dan -
Greg James


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