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Additions to a Wedding Ceremony: Part 2 : Wine Ceremony

As a Celebrant, I have learnt that there are a number of wonderful additional ceremonies that can become part of a couple's wedding day.
In this second piece, I will be describing the popular Wine or Loving Cup ceremony and some of its variations.

Photo by Vicki and Dan 

Wine has been part of celebrations and ceremonies from our earliest history and the Loving Cup or Wine ceremony at weddings has its roots in Celtic, French and Jewish cultures.
They all have a similar theme; that of the sharing and or mixing of drinks to celebrate and mark the joining of two people and their families. Drinking the wine also symbolises the sharing of the sweet and the sour- the good and the bad times together.

Just before the Wine Ceremony

A popular version involves red wine and white wine.The Bride and Groom will combine some of the two wines into a common cup, creating a blush, which is symbolic of their blending together through the committed relationship of marriage.

I like to do a variation on this; in a ceremony later this summer, the Bride has chosen Champagne for her drink and the Groom a rich Hedgerow Liqueur made from Sloes, Blackberries and Rosehips, which is perfectly in keeping with their romantic woodland wedding. 

Photo by Vicki and Dan

This cocktail can then be made in quantity and served to all the guests immediately after the ceremony.

 I enjoy making a variety of English countryside liqueurs which are perfect for unusual Wine Ceremonies

I like to give my couples a chance to make their ceremony as unique and personal as the rest of their wedding day.
What about this for a Mexican Fiesta style celebration?

Although the traditional ceremonies are all about the wine, there is no need for things to be less exciting if the couple prefer not to drink alcohol. I have just been making a batch of Rose and Pink Elderflower cordial for a summer celebration.

If there are children who wish to be included in the wedding ceremony, then this is a perfect choice. The children can even be the ones who mix the loving cup. I'll be there to lend a steadying hand if needs be!

Everybody enjoys the spectacle of the Wine Ceremony. It makes for lively and interesting photographs and adds fun and laughter to the wedding day.
I will source unusual, antique or bespoke glasses to suit the couple's tastes and then present them as a special gift after the wedding.

If you have any questions about this ceremony, or indeed any aspects of my celebrant work, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help. My details are:

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Thanks to Samuel Gwillim Arnold for photos

( The first photo was taken by friend and fellow Celebrant Cindy )

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