Loving Circles

A beautiful way of creating a sacred space for your ceremony

A Loving Circle is made from specially selected flowers, petals, leaves and herbs. They can be any size but are usually large enough for the couple and I stand within it throughout their ceremony.

A Loving Circle can be part of any ceremony, wherever it takes place but it is most often a part of an outdoors wedding.

Recently, at a Betrothal and Handfasting ceremony at Old Sarum in Salisbury in Wiltshire, the circle included the old alter stone from the original Cathedral.

Every circle I make is unique to the couple.

I have a great love of flowers and I have studied and lectured on ‘Herbs in our homes, gardens and history’ and my local nickname is ‘The Herb Lady.’

Before a ceremony, I will go for a walk into my local woods and pick leaves from Oak, Ash, Yew and Beech trees. I love the peace and beauty of the ancient woods of Wiltshire and trees have a special magic. They have often been a focal point within a community and played an important part in past celebrations of many kinds.

I have an old fashioned cottage garden that is bursting with flowers and herbs. I really enjoy making up a mixture of petals to add colour and perfume to the circle.

Many herbs have special qualities and have long played a part in wedding ceremonies.

I always try to include: Sweet Basil for good fortune and good wishes, Lavender for devotion, Marjoram for joy and happiness and Rosemary for remembrance. I also love to add the more unusual flowers to my mix; for example, Ladies Bedstraw and Sweet Woodruff.

As a celebrant, I like to get to know my couples and listen to their stories, so that I can add particular herbs and flowers which have a special meaning for them.


When I arrive at the place where my couple are going to celebrate their commitment, I take a few quiet moments to make a beautiful circle for them.

It is important to be that when they speak their vows to each other, they are in a special place; a sacred place, which is separate from the everyday world.

A Loving Circle adds a unique touch of magic to any celebration and ceremony.

I can’t promise to find you a four-leaf clover, although I do have a talent for it!

Price from £50 when part of a full ceremony.