Making connections

Why choose a celebrant for your ceremony? My couples have answered this question for me. It is the connection that we made. On that most important of days we have grown to know and like each other and together we have built the ceremony of their dreams. Having a ceremony crafted especially to suit their READ MORE

Wine Ceremony

Have you thought of adding an extra bit of sparkle and fun to your Wedding day? The Wine ceremony is particularly versatile because it can be easily altered to suit each couple. A traditional ceremony involves the mixing of red and white wine. Led by the celebrant, the Bride and Groom combine the two wines READ MORE

Friendship Ceremonies

There are so many occasions when an important time in someone’s life deserves a celebration. I enjoy writing ceremonies that fit each individual situation. Most of my ceremonies are for individuals, couples or families but I am sometimes asked to be part of a larger event, or a community project. Recently, Salisbury has been raising READ MORE