Ring Warming Ceremony

When I am asked by my couples “How can we include our family and friends in out ceremonies” I often suggest a Ring Warming Ceremony, one which gives your guests a chance to hold your wedding rings for a moment and wish you good luck with your marriage.

How does a Ring Warming Ceremony work?

Before the ceremony, your wedding rings are tied with a ribbon and attached to a cushion or placed in a special box. At some point your guests will briefly hold the rings and send their loving thoughts, prayers and blessings to you both. The rings are then warmed by their love.

If you are having a large number of guests, I give them the opportunity to warm the rings as the cushion is passed round whilst they are waiting for the ceremony to start. Alternatively, they can be warmed during a musical interlude. Children love the chance of overseeing the passing of the cushion.

If you are having a more intimate gathering, then the rings may be passed around your close family just before you say your vows and exchange rings. It is a wonderful way of involving everyone at this important part of the ceremony. If you already have children, they can come and join you and be the ones to warm your rings before you put them on.

This is a simple yet heart warming ceremony and many Brides and Grooms like to feel that their rings hold the loving thoughts of everyone who has shared their wedding day.
I enjoy sourcing unique hand-made cushions and containers to suit each couple.

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