Friendship Ceremonies

There are so many occasions when an important time in someone’s life deserves a celebration.

I enjoy writing ceremonies that fit each individual situation.

Most of my ceremonies are for individuals, couples or families but I am sometimes asked to be part of a larger event, or a community project.

Recently, Salisbury has been raising awareness and support for the LGBT members of our community. Many feel isolated and alone and I wanted to send them a message of friendship and understanding.

On a cold November day I was joined by intrepid photographer Mathew Pearce. We ventured into the Market Square and asked local people to ‘Hold Hands in Friendship’ and to show their support for Salisbury Pride U.K by being tied together with rainbow ribbons.

We were delighted by the number of people who joined in- the day was full of smiles and laughter and it sent a message of hope and acceptance to everyone.

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